Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ruminent Raper gets Third Death Setence!

Poor guy, must be great to get this sort of love, a third death sentence. Now all they need to do is catch the fatherless one and stretch his neck.

They also name the two accomplices in the attempted Instant Nuggets attack on the Jordan-Iraq border recently. I'll be adding them to the sidebar shortly. The article is over at Al Jazeera.


Zarqawi and Bin Laden Not Seeing Eye to Eye???

This report seems to think that the ruminent raper is doing his own thing against the wishes of Bin Ladin himself.

Speculation of Bin Ladin's death or sequestering has people wondering if Al Qaeda is having problems within the ranks among other things like recruiting is down becuse of goat lover's nasty habits involving head chopping muslims and blowing up wedding parties. The article is over at The Strategy Page


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Front Page Magazine has article on Militant Islam!

This is off-topic for me, but it cuts out the crap and calls a spade a spade concerning the militant and radical nature of Islam. It is a must read for the casual observer. Check it out at Front Page Magazine.


Some Think the Goat Bugger is our best anti-Al Qaeda Tool!

How interesting. James Dunnigan thinks Al Qaeda wants Zarqawi dead because the Goat Bugger is a PR nightmare. I think James may be closer to right than we suppose since Zarqawi declared war on all of mankind and has been happily going about the business of exterminating wedding parties and funeral gatherings.

I say, no don't kill him. Instead let's make sure he stays filled with camel seamen for the rest of his unnatural life. Oh, and lets not forget the pineapple.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Even LA Times Says Goat Bugger Shot Own Foot

In a surprising turn of events the uberlefty LA Times has pretty much admitted that while the US is no master of propaganda and using the media to advantage, the Goat Bugger himself has pretty much sunk his own ship with indiscriminant killing of anyone and everyone he perceives to be in his way of taking over Iraq.
He will never admit it of course, but the entire idea is to establish himself as the next Saddam, bigger and badder and ready to chop heads with a flick of the butter knife. Today Iraq,; tomorrow, the Middle East. The World should be sometime next week. Check it out over at the LA Times.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Camel Bugger not Invited to Iraq Elections

The Sunni's have told Zarqawi the Camel Bugger to stay away from the election polls so they can vote. I like that! Is it possible that they have finally seen how truly evil this man is? Let's hope so. The article is at


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Jackass Ranked Number 3 in Ramadi Captured

Amir Khalaf Fanush, also called 'The Butcher' was rounded up in Ramadi yesterday after his lovcation was provided to the authorities by local townsfolk. THe article is on The Edmonton Sun.

There's one less camel bugger loose on the street. Eventually we'll catch or kill all of them and that, I'm quite sure, will make lot's of people happy.


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Zarqawi Afraid the Sunni's Might Make Peace

So the Mental Midget figure something out. Namely that the Sunni's might actuallly get tired of fighting and want to give democracy a try. He also figured out that if that happpens, his goat is cooked. Literally, stuffed steamed and roasted.

Now I seem to recall thinking this very sort of thing would eventually happen, and it just might after all.

Couldn't happen to a worse dude. If he finds out he has no friends in the world, then so be it. Read the whole article over at the Asia Times Online.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Golden Oldie - Muslim Extremists Identified with Pics

Image hosted by

Djamel Beghal, right, an Algerian-born Frenchman, helped convert Johann Bonté on left, to Islamic Extremism in a NY Times Article.

What has become of them was not apparent, but the picture is of note.


Golden Oldie - Richard Reid Pic, After the Pinch

Couldn't happen to a more moronic would be after-life goat bugger. Richard Reid in a car with an FBI agent after getting nabbed on the plane.

Image hosted by

Darn the luck, jerk-off!


Daniel Pipes on Convert Terrorists, Part II

Damiel Pipes has more rundowns on the cretinous little thugs that have converted to Islam only to decide it gives them the right to go on murderous rampages.

Lovely thought. Join a Religion. Kill People. Get Laid in Hell. Oops! Was that supposed to be Paradise instead? I be doubtin' it.

Read it all for it is vewy intowesting!


Bin Ladin is Alive Video Debunked as Old Stuff

The Guardian is reporting that the Al Jeseera report showing Bin Ladin survived the Pakistan earthquake is actually an old release intended to celibrate the 4th anniversary of 9-11.

Read the rest over at The Guardian Unlimited

The longer we go without a credible appearance from the Sultan of Goat Buggerers the more likely it is that God cleaned the corral for us.

That, would put a smile on my face. To know that this scum bag was taken out by natural causes for us is by far the most appropriate thing I can think of to happen to him. No Martyr status for you, Goat Bugger. God whacked your sorry butt for the rest of us.

And pray for a final 'Good Riddance' to come.